Fool for Love



I know everything there is to know
But when it comes to love, I’m such a fool
Even if I don’t know anything else
I really want to be good at love like everyone else
But I can’t – what do I do?
Do I need to learn from you, who only received and just left me?
Why did you teach me a love that’s not really like love?

Is there another fool like me too?
Who gives all and smiles even when everything is lost
A fool, fool, is there a fool like me?
I know already
I won’t ever do this kind of love again
But that’s just what I say after hearing others say it
Actually, I don’t really know
I’m sorry that I don’t resemble you
Even if everyone calls me a fool
I don’t want to love if it’s not really like love
Even if I’m scared of giving everything and being forgotten
I’m more scared that my heart will learn your ways

I’m a fool
I’m such a fool for love
Someday, I’ll meet a person who resembles me, who is like me
I believe that I’ll find that person

There has to be a fool like me somewhere
That person will also be waiting for me
Fool, fool, like a fool

I’m a fool, I know
Sorry for being like this
I’m a fool for love



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