Maybe… Just..

Maybe you judge me as a human who has a lot of ignorance.. 

it’s okay…

maybe you say that I don’t care to others, and may be it’s true..

I’m sorry..

may they say that they hate me, and may be you too…  I don’t blame you, or them.. I will not blame any body..

I am sorry I don’t respect well..

I am sorry I don’t talk well..

But just…

But just because I enjoy my loneliness so you judge that I have a lot of ignorance? Is that true?

just because I don’t wanna know about their business so you say that I’m worst? Is that true?

Is that really true? I’m sorry I don’t know..

Perhaps I do wrong.

I am sorry..  I am sorry for being my self. I am sorry..

Perhaps next time I will be a better person if you do not mind to teach me how to be a better person..

or perhaps you can lend me a mask so all people can love all what I do just the way I am…


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