Eye Candy: ‘Pretty Boy’ Hyungwon

Chae Hyungwon
(940115 )
181 cm Type O
Dancer, Vocal, Visual
Hobbies: Sleeping, sport and cooking ramen



Was born before Seollal (Lunar New Year), so he is being considered as 93line though he technically was born in 94.Family: has an older sister Hyewon (??0630, 90/91 line) and younger brother Kyungwon(95/96 line who already served military service)

Some people were confused because Hyungwon was a part of OhJangnam team?

“jangnam” – 장남 – means “eldest SON”, not the eldest child in a family. Hyewon is the eldest child, but she is a daughter. Hyungwon is the first son in the family, Kyungwon is the second. So yes, Hyungwon is the eldest son, the jangnam~ AND he has an older sister ^^

Dance: Learned dancing at JoyDance academy at his hometown (Minhyuk and I.M attended the same academy)

Ideal type: non celebrity [x]
“The one who understands the situation right, who doesn’t have many unreasonable wishes, intelligent. First impression, the feeling, is more important than the appearance. That impression that can’t really be expressed with words, you just feel it.” [x]


  • W Hotel & CeCi fashion show (watch No.Mercy ep.2) – [tag]


  • LITMUS (clothes brand; spring’15) – [tag]
  • SURE magazine july 2015 (ZARA, COS) [link]

Personal activities:

  • 150315 KPopStar 4 Grace Shin feat Hyungwon [YT]


– Admits that he searches up his name online

– His parents own a tour agency

– Duing school days he had a nickname Dooly” because he had chubby cheeks

– Most confident part about his face: eyelashes (150212 press con, said himself)

– Afraid of everything that has more than 8 legs

– Likes folk music, singers Jack Johnson, John Legend

– Has a tiny little mole in the middle of his bottom lip

– The most sleepy one in the group

– Can’t cook to save his life

– Quite 4D

– Awful five-year-old-kindergarten-kid handrwriting (x)




cr : Joo❧honey , Monsta X, hyungwon x



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