Frank: Confession

Living alone all this time, there are many thought that I wanna share, either it good memories or the worst pain. But I don’t wanna share it to my family neither my friends. I believe there always something in our thought that we only want to share it to someone, someone special. Perhaps your thought drive you to your boyfriend or your spouse, but I call him different, I will call him companion. Why? because even your boy or your spouse can betray you, but companion is someone who I believe will be on your side no matter what. 

Many other girls have a perfect boyfriend ideal type like, the handsome one, the smart one, or the rich one. In  the future, when someone ask me why you love him? I always wish that I will not say because he’s handsome or whatever, but I just wanna answer that ‘he match me perfectly’. Maybe he isn’t handsome like an actor but he must be charming in his own way. Maybe he isn’t rich but he must be have a huge responsibility. Maybe he is a silly boy but he can be mature when needed. Not the boy who will give you 1001 super advices but just a boy who simply warm hug you and pat your back when you squeaking into you tears.


Growing up seeing my parents living together, I realize that living with the other people make you must keep your ego. That’s why a companion who match you perfectly is needed. Honestly, I am not expert in this case. I am just a girl in the idle youth who want to share what I think inside mind. Probably what I thought isn’t right but it is what I feel


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