Frank: Dreams

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Hey you, what’s your dream?

It’s a simple question from one of my favorite songs. For me it makes me think over and over again.

10 years old me might be answer that question while smiling, saying I wanna be an astronaut or detective or archaeologist. So childish, typical of a dreamer.

15 years old me answer that question with more realistic answer like I wanna be a journalist, writer, photographer, or videographer. Grown up make you think more realistic, it’s true but I hate that fact.

But because of one mistake that I made before, I  messed up my life, that dreams is seem so far away. I wanna grab that dreams again, the one that make me happy, at least the realistic one. But if I do, I will messed up my life even more? What should I do? Should I bet all over my life for that dreams that look so far away? It’s like standing on the crossroad, and don’t know which path that should you choose. Cause I know my happiness is on my own hand and no one can change that.

And now time bring me to the scary place called adulthood. Honestly I so jealous with people that easily can decided his dreams, his passion in life, cause until now I still don’t have the answer for that question.

Hey you, what is your dream?



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