Frank: Dreams

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Hey you, what’s your dream?

It’s a simple question from one of my favorite songs. For me it makes me think over and over again.

10 years old me might be answer that question while smiling, saying I wanna be an astronaut or detective or archaeologist. So childish, typical of a dreamer.

15 years old me answer that question with more realistic answer like I wanna be a journalist, writer, photographer, or videographer. Grown up make you think more realistic, it’s true but I hate that fact.

But because of one mistake that I made before, I  messed up my life, that dreams is seem so far away. I wanna grab that dreams again, the one that make me happy, at least the realistic one. But if I do, I will messed up my life even more? What should I do? Should I bet all over my life for that dreams that look so far away? It’s like standing on the crossroad, and don’t know which path that should you choose. Cause I know my happiness is on my own hand and no one can change that.

And now time bring me to the scary place called adulthood. Honestly I so jealous with people that easily can decided his dreams, his passion in life, cause until now I still don’t have the answer for that question.

Hey you, what is your dream?



Lee Hi – Missing U

pop!gasa - kpop translation lyrics

There will come a day when I forget everything, right?
A day when I don’t see your face even when I close my eyes
Even when my friends talk about you
I would just nod my head as if I’m listening to a stranger’s story

After days passed
We became nothing

I wanna become someone who never loved you
Then when I suddenly remember you
I want to smile
I’m sick of myself
I don’t wanna be like this

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Lee Hi – Passing By (스쳐 간다)

pop!gasa - kpop translation lyrics

The shaking sound of the wind
Shakes up my heart and passes by
Even though I’ve hurt all I could
How much more do I have to hurt
In order to be just fine?

As if it’s nothing
You just pass me by
Even after time and seasons pass
My heart keeps getting colder
But I can’t become cold by myself
Again today, you are
Passing by
Passing by

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Frank: Confession

Living alone all this time, there are many thought that I wanna share, either it good memories or the worst pain. But I don’t wanna share it to my family neither my friends. I believe there always something in our thought that we only want to share it to someone, someone special. Perhaps your thought drive you to your boyfriend or your spouse, but I call him different, I will call him companion. Why? because even your boy or your spouse can betray you, but companion is someone who I believe will be on your side no matter what.  Continue reading “Frank: Confession”

My Healing Song: BTS – Tomorrow

Such a healing.. mendengarkan lagu ini dan memahami artinya bagaikan obat tersendiri bagiku. Semua  yang tertuliskan pada lagu ini sangat nyata kurasakan, atau mungkin juga kalian akan merasakannya….. ini bukan lagu menye tentang kisah cinta bodoh. ini adalah kisah tentang hidup dan bagaimana seharusnya kita menjalani hidup…..



BTS – Tomorrow



Same day, same moon

24/7 every moment repeats

My life is in between

Jobless twenty-somethings are afraid of tomorrow

It’s funny, you think anything is possible when you’re a kid

When you feel how hard it is to get through a day

Keep feeling like the “Control” beat, keep downloading it

Every single day is a repetition of ctrl+c, ctrl+v

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Yoon Mirae (T) – I’ll Listen To What You Have To Say (너의 얘길 들어줄게) Who Are You: School 2015 OST

pop!gasa - kpop translation lyrics

For you, who is sad and crying
For you, who is struggling
I’ll sing this song for you with all my heart
When you think you’re alone, when you suddenly start to cry
When you feel like no one is next to you

Remember that you’re not alone
Even if the world always hurts you

Even when you feel lonely or sad, don’t cry
I’ll wordlessly hug you, I’ll listen to you
Look back, I’ll be here
I’ll wipe away all your tears
Even all your loneliness

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pop!gasa - kpop translation lyrics

Loser, loner
A coward who pretends to be tough
A mean delinquent
In the mirror, you’re
A loner, a jackass covered in scars
Dirty trash
In the mirror, I’m a

Honestly, I’ve never fit in with the world
I was always alone
It’s been a long time since I’ve forgotten about love
I can’t listen to hopeful love songs anymore
You and me both
We’re just sad clowns, tamed and scripted
I’ve come too far
I wanna go back
To when I was young

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