Lee Hi – Missing U

pop!gasa - kpop translation lyrics

There will come a day when I forget everything, right?
A day when I don’t see your face even when I close my eyes
Even when my friends talk about you
I would just nod my head as if I’m listening to a stranger’s story

After days passed
We became nothing

I wanna become someone who never loved you
Then when I suddenly remember you
I want to smile
I’m sick of myself
I don’t wanna be like this

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Lee Hi – Passing By (스쳐 간다)

pop!gasa - kpop translation lyrics

The shaking sound of the wind
Shakes up my heart and passes by
Even though I’ve hurt all I could
How much more do I have to hurt
In order to be just fine?

As if it’s nothing
You just pass me by
Even after time and seasons pass
My heart keeps getting colder
But I can’t become cold by myself
Again today, you are
Passing by
Passing by

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star wars: Baekhyun vs Hoshi

First thing that you must notice before start reading this post is that I made this post for not starting a fanwar between fandoms but I make this because I love both of them. Okay let’s start. Why I put Baekhyun and Hoshi on this post together is I just realize that both of them have some similarity. As we know, both of them is debuted in group with a lot of member, EXO for Baekhyun and Seventeen for Hoshi. Both of them is a vocalist. And one funny thing is both of them is used to learn matrial arts, Hoshi used to learn taekwondo and Baekhyun is used to learn hapkido. Both of them is also well known as a talkative and funny person. For more ‘evidence’ you can check this out : Continue reading “star wars: Baekhyun vs Hoshi”

Frank: Confession

Living alone all this time, there are many thought that I wanna share, either it good memories or the worst pain. But I don’t wanna share it to my family neither my friends. I believe there always something in our thought that we only want to share it to someone, someone special. Perhaps your thought drive you to your boyfriend or your spouse, but I call him different, I will call him companion. Why? because even your boy or your spouse can betray you, but companion is someone who I believe will be on your side no matter what.  Continue reading “Frank: Confession”

Eyes Candy: Let’s Turn Back The Time – Young Johnny Depp

Perhaps girls around my ages (20s) or younger than me recognize Johnny Depp as an actor that always has a freaky role in the movie like Willy Wonka or Mad Hatter  even Captain Jack Sparrow. But I barely remember when I was a kid, I read my mom’s magazine and it was saying that Johnny Depp is The Hottest Guy. Yet, I don’t know who he is. As I grow up, I watch several his movies with that freaky character, and I am said to myself, “Oh that uncle is from my mom’s old magazine.”  But a few days ago, I was on twitter, and accidentally saw his picture when he was young, and I cant help my self and keep on saying “Wow he is really hot, he such a bae.”  And know I now why he’s called ‘Don Juan’ (womanizer). So Let’s turn back the time and see how hot he is.

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