star wars: Baekhyun vs Hoshi

First thing that you must notice before start reading this post is that I made this post for not starting a fanwar between fandoms but I make this because I love both of them. Okay let’s start. Why I put Baekhyun and Hoshi on this post together is I just realize that both of them have some similarity. As we know, both of them is debuted in group with a lot of member, EXO for Baekhyun and Seventeen for Hoshi. Both of them is a vocalist. And one funny thing is both of them is used to learn matrial arts, Hoshi used to learn taekwondo and Baekhyun is used to learn hapkido. Both of them is also well known as a talkative and funny person. For more ‘evidence’ you can check this out : Continue reading “star wars: Baekhyun vs Hoshi”