WINNER – Empty (공허해)

sad song nice song..

pop!gasa - kpop translation lyrics

My reflection in the mirror
Is so empty, as if there’s nothing there
I walk alone on the street
But this empty street feels so empty
Da ra dat dat dat dat dat dat
Baby don’t worry
After waking up from the dream that was you
This morning of reality feels so empty

As I face the morning, I realize once again
What wakes me up is not you but an alarm bell
Why is this damn bed so big?
In my vast desert of a heart, only a cold wind blows

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WINNER – Color Ring (컬러링)

the song is very nice, i keep listen to it everyday 🙂 nice 🙂

pop!gasa - kpop translation lyrics

The blue sky is beautiful
but why am I becoming so insignificant and shabby.
I keep holding onto the unanswered phone.
The melody flowing out of the phone is sweet
but why does it sound painful to my ears.
It sounds like my heart screaming after it lost you.
It sounds like the melody is mocking my longing for you.

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