Eyes Candy: Let’s Turn Back The Time – Young Johnny Depp

Perhaps girls around my ages (20s) or younger than me recognize Johnny Depp as an actor that always has a freaky role in the movie like Willy Wonka or Mad Hatter  even Captain Jack Sparrow. But I barely remember when I was a kid, I read my mom’s magazine and it was saying that Johnny Depp is The Hottest Guy. Yet, I don’t know who he is. As I grow up, I watch several his movies with that freaky character, and I am said to myself, “Oh that uncle is from my mom’s old magazine.”  But a few days ago, I was on twitter, and accidentally saw his picture when he was young, and I cant help my self and keep on saying “Wow he is really hot, he such a bae.”  And know I now why he’s called ‘Don Juan’ (womanizer). So Let’s turn back the time and see how hot he is.







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